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Formats and requirements for a research proposal vary depending on the type of research and specific demands of the college where you submit the proposal. An excellent research proposal takes time. Most important, it must address what the proposal is about and why it is crucial. If you want to write a research proposal, here are the sections that are needed:

The Process of Writing Research Proposals

Title of the Proposal

Your title will depend on the type of research you are doing. It has to be concise and descriptive. Your title should give readers what to expect in the proposal. Best of all, it should be interesting to read. You have to be clear and accurate to come up with a good proposal for your research.

Creation of a Title Page

A research paper has to have a title page that will introduce the title of your research proposal, your name, and the college you are affiliated to.  An institution or an agency can specify a  format for the paper. If they don’t specify, you can stick to APA style. You also have to ensure the paper has a running header. It will appear on the pages, and it should be a shorter version of the title. Center the title of the research proposal and make sure it is double spaced. Below the title, you can include your name, college, names, and affiliation of investigators. Some institutions may want you to include the contact information of the investigators.

Summarize the Proposal

You have to give a summary of the abstract in the proposal. A summary will state the problem your proposal addresses. Your solution, objections, and funding requirements need to be included in the Abstract. The word Abstract needs to be centered at the top of the page. The text should begin immediately below the word Abstract. An abstract text should be between 150 to 250 words.

Choose 4 to 5 Keywords

You need to select at least 4 to 5 keywords that will capture the primary points of your research. It would help if you suggested the topic and terms of closely related to the subject. Selecting the right keywords will ensure your proposal shows up in the search engine results for your audience to benefit. For example,  when your proposal is about heart diseases, key terms to include in your paper should be a circulatory system, blood, or heart attack. Your phrase can be two or four words.

Have a table of content

Long research proposals must have a table of contents on the third page to include all the sections on your paper. If you have a brief proposal that’s only a few pages, you don’t need a table of contents.


Introduction of research proposal

The introduction has to contain “the purpose of research, significance of research, or statement of problem” section. When you write a statement of the problem part of the introduction, you seek to answer the question: why research has to be conducted and what issues it will raise.


Top Research Proposals

As you have seen, there’s a lot that goes into writing a detailed research paper. For guidance, you can seek research proposal writing services. That way, you will be sure to write excellent research papers that stand out.

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