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Refund Policy

This site aims to offer quality services to all our clients, thereby satisfying all their needs as per the set requirements. The primary purpose of our refund policies is to provide relevant information to our customers which enlighten them with the payment procedure. The policies offer clarification to our customers on a proper understanding of the terms of refunds. Our services are reliable and of high-level quality, thus, reducing the rate of compensation requests from our clients. However, our customers are eligible for a refund in case of the following:


Low-quality Content

Since quality is our top priority, our clients are should be assured of high-quality content. Whenever a client realizes that the content delivered are does not meet the standard, that is, the work is plagiarized or copied; they are supposed to provide satisfactory proof to the administration for justification. If the accusations are valid, the client is requested by the administration to ask for a revision before opting for a refund. Nevertheless, the client is offered a full refund if he has no enough time to wait for a revision.

In cases, where the content is not up to the standard, that is, it does not satisfy the client’s requirements, the company editors will have to assess the content and establish a refund for the client.

Moreover, if the customer is not satisfied with the revised content, the company editors will assess the rewritten content further and decide the amount to refund.

After the receipt of our draft and the clients approves and accepts it, the drafts will be under their ownership, and our agency will no longer be responsible for it even in cases of poor performance.


The Lateness of Order Deliveries

In case the client does not use the paper due to the late delivery of the order, we are liable for a full refund to the customer.

If we take time, past the deadline, to deliver the order and we have not been contacted by the client since the period is not of significance to them, when the client requests for a refund, it will be based on the time difference.


Undelivered or Incomplete Content

In cases where a client does not receive the completed paper and receives no response from the support team within two working days, the client is qualified for a full refund by the company.


Wrong Charges due to Technical Issues

In instances where a client is charged twice for the same order, the client has a right to request a full refund from the company.

It is paramount to reach out to the payment company for a follow up on the issue to avoid such problems in the future.


The Duly Recommended Procedure for Resolving Issues

In case of any unsatisfactory concerns, the client is required to contact the company for a legit response promptly. If third parties are contacted, the process may be unresponsive and may take longer than expected.

Note that, contacting persons of interest other than the agency is considered as a breach of contract, therefore, regarded as unlawful to the agency.


Important Notice

Whenever a refund is required, the support team should first be contacted.

There is no option for clients to ask for chargebacks. The agency will take legal actions against the clients who take chargeback since it is regarded as a fraudulent act.

A full refund requested by the client is 90% of the total amount paid since the remaining 10% caters to the transactions and processing fee.